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Let’s deliver outstanding digital teaching πŸ‘

There’s a new home for Teaching and Learning resources.

Coventry University Group’s new Teaching Knowledge Base now hosts all the content about the tools in our EdTech Ecosystem as well as practical guides to help you engage students, design your module and pick up the best practices in teaching and learning.

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How do I get started? πŸ€”

You want to deliver amazing digital teaching and learning, but you don’t have a lot of time. This site will show you some quick and easy ways to make a big difference for your students using Aula… all in line with the Coventry Way.

We’ve created some simple, quick-start PDF guides to help you make the most of Aula, so start there first.

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What’s Aula?

Aula is a Learning Experience Platform (a next-generation LMS/VLE) which will be the core platform for educators to interact with students and for students to interact with one another.

Not only can Aula be used to assign tasks, facilitate group discussions and store class materials, it has powerful integration features which makes it the hub for a wide range of educational tools.

If you haven’t done so, you can log into your Aula space where you’ll find training materials and links to upcoming webinars put on by our partners at Aula. If you get stuck, you can always try the Aula help centre.

What tools can I use with Aula? πŸ”§

We have access to a range of amazing digital tools to help create media, boost participation, track student progress and more.

Some tools integrate directly with Aula for a smooth teaching and learning experience. Others may not work directly inside of Aula, but they may be more suited to your module. Check out our guide to see which tools are right for you.

Aula Tools

Ready for more?πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ

Staff from all over the Coventry University Group have been creating fantastic resources to help you master digital teaching and learning. Once you’re up and running with Aula, have a look at these resources to take your teaching to the next level.

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