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Coventry.Domains provides you with web hosting so that you can take ownership of your online presence, develop valuable digital skills and engage in open and connected learning practices that go beyond institutional boundaries.

It’s a useful tool for creating any sort of website, whether a blog, portfolio, project website, etc. Because it’s a self-managed web hosting account, staff and students can use it to host sites built using WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, MediaWiki, Grav and a variety of other web applications.

With the Coventry.Domains knowledge base, you can learn how to navigate every step of the website planning process from creating a site map, to installing WordPress and exporting your site for life beyond the Coventry University Group.

Access for students is limited to those whose module leaders have prearranged use of the service, but staff are welcome to request an account for university-related projects.

To learn more, get in touch with the Coventry.Domains team at

Firewall Status: SafeĀ  This tool is likely to work for learners in countries with more restrictive firewalls

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