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Want to collect input from your students in one place? Wouldn’t it be great if learners could post their responses to your questions/prompts in the right place, in real time and where everyone could view the conversation?

Padlet is a great way to get participation on specific discussion points and keep them all in one place. It’s also easy to embed your Padlets onto other websites or directly inside of Aula, which could be another tool for engaging learners. It allows you to “make beautiful boards, documents, and webpages that are easy to read and fun to contribute to.”

You can find out more and register for a free account on the Padlet website. For a full account, contact your Associate Head (Student Experience) or a memeber of the Learning Enhancement Team.

Firewall Status: SafeĀ  – This tool is likely to work for learners in countries with more restrictive firewalls.

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