Share Learning Materials 📚

What would you like your students to know? To get an outstanding experience at university, students need access to high quality teaching as well as high quality learning materials. Fortunately, we have access to both!

Use the tools in this section to

  • Source traditionally published and open educational resource for your module
  • Create a manage reading lists which can be accessed by students in one central location
  • Provide additional learning content beyond textbooks to help your learners become career-ready in the global economy

Choosing the right tool

Where it makes sense, try a Preferred tool first; these tools integrate well with Aula and will likely be a better experience for you and your students. However, if that doesn’t meet your needs, look for a Supported tool as these are also recommended and available for use. Finally, you may be able to get access to a tool in the Managed section, but these are not available to all staff.

If you know another tool which might work, talk about it with your Associate Head (Student Experience) to see how to proceed.

Preferred Tools

These tools integrate well with Aula and are likely to provide the best user experience for both you and your students.

Talis Aspire
Already an established part of the Coventry University Group edtech ecosystem, Talis …
Core to the textbook and resource provision for students of the Coventry …

Supported Tools

These tools are supported by IT Services or other university staff and available to the wide majority of educators. While they may not provide as seamless an experience with Aula as a Preferred tool, they often have a different set of features which may be more suitable for your module.

LinkedIn Learning
Formerly known as, LinkedIn Learning is a large library of professional-skills-related …

Managed Tools

Sometimes taking the road less travelled makes all the difference. Managed use tools aren’t available to all staff, so check with your Associate Head (Student Experience) if one of these looks best suited to your needs.