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With a reputation for being one of the most popular video conferencing tools out there, Zoom has some useful features for educators. You’re able to host webinars, easily create breakout groups for more focused discussion and, or course, record sessions for students who can’t make it to a live session.

There’s some helpful guidance from ITS on automatically creating transcripts via Zoom in this document:

Zoom also has a great support centre online, so check out their documentation to get started.

Firewall Status: Uncertain
This tool appears to be blocked by countries with more restrictive firewalls. Consider using an alternative if you’ll be joined by students learning remot
ely from outside the UK

Privacy notice for recording sessions

 Please ensure students are aware the session is to be recorded, and that they have the option to ‘opt out’ and turn off their cameras if they wish. Please also refer students to our privacy notice, which can be found here.


The IGU have highlighted the specific part of this notice that is relevant to the recording of sessions:

As part of our efforts to keep our campuses and other sites safe and secure, enabling us to operate CCTV, body cams and audio and visual recordings of lectures and seminars.


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